Thuto Tshwaraganelo NPO 146-401 is a Member of Tlhabologang Thuto Tshwaraganelo Group. The reason for the establishment of the Thuto Tshwaraganelo NPO 146 – 401 was to address the social challenges and as well as the standard of education in primary schools by providing tutorials and guidance for learners in public schools from grade 2 till grade 7. The program focuses on the three R’s of learning, namely wRiting, Reading and aRithmetic.

T³Group was established in 2018 by Mr Thabo Lort Makoa after resigning from BCX in Sandton as a Storeman, serving McDonalds with computer hardware of their Stores Nationwide. His resignation was informed by feeling limited to live and act according to his best of his capabilities taking into consideration that he was helping his mother with their Non-Profit organisation that was established in 2014 helping public primary school kids and orphans with tutorials afterschool. Mr Thabo Lort Makoa established T³ Group (Pty) Ltd. In March 2018 and also took over the non-profit Organisation that had 50 volunteers and was self-funded through their food security project of selling vegetables to the community.

In a period of 5 months Mr Thabo Lort Makoa got a tender close to R3 000 000.00 from Independent Development Trust (IDT) to create 240 job opportunities In the community of Coligny Tlhabologang, Ngaka Modiri Molema District, North West Province. The town is historically known as a maze farming town with 184 farms around it. Over the past 2 decades most farm schools closed down which resulted in an increase of population in Tlhabologang township of Coligny and proportional increase in social challenges. Amongst some of the challenges encountered by the community it has increased unemployment rate, high level of illiteracy, poverty, gambling, substance abuse and increased incidences of HIV/Aids. 

Coligny farming and franchise business is dominated and controlled by white people and small business is controlled and owned by Bangladeshi. Majority of black people work the fields of farmers picking up crops with their bare hands and those that don’t work wait for grunts from government to make a living.

Mr Thabo Lort Makoa analysed and decoded this information and after understanding his Geographical location, it informed him to really think of developing a mill that can process the following: maize meal & instant porridge, Peanut Butter & Fish Oil through his company and create jobs and tackle other social challenges experienced in the community. 

Business Development

T³Group (Pty) Ltd. wants to focus on establishing a cotton seed press that can process the best cotton oil there is in the country. This idea will really help my community with economic development and emancipation as the plant will need to operate 24 hours of the day implementing job sharing as a way of reducing unemployment.

My community is strategically positioned next to the N14 road connecting roads from JHB, Botswana & Free State to mention but a few. 

Four key focus areas:

  • Develop a strategy, focusing on black empowerment in agriculture
  • Reducing unemployment of Black Woman, Youth and Disabilities 
  • Economic development & increasing buying power of my community
  • Ensure sustainability and livelihoods


T³Group (Pty) Ltd.  Business model and investment strategy is focusing on B-BBEE investments which can add economic values through active participation and market penetration.

T³Group (Pty) Ltd. recognizes that the participation of black youth, woman & disabled individuals is imperative in senior positions and ownership of agriculture business, which must be reflected in its business policies, practices and procedures.

Our commitment of empowerment is to:

  • Develop skills of our employees through formal and experiential process.
  • Creating a conducive climate of employment equity, training and development of its personnel.
  • Encourage cooperative registration to farming communities to supply the company with necessary services and products in an authentic and professional manner. 

“Success does not come to you, you go to it “

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